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You can directly support me through Gumroad and get access to my work in its highest quality + exclusive content for your eyes only.

You get:

  • Access to my most recent work* (two months' worth of content during one month membership)
  • Original Quality Artwork
  • Work in Progress updates

Note: You can also subscribe via SubscribeStar. However, I recommend using Gumroad instead.

*New artwork will be delivered via email.

Regarding past artworks:

The Supporter tier does not include artwork that is more than one month old at the time of subscription.

If you're interested in my older work, check out the Archive Tier and higher.

And if you're only interested in a specific piece of artwork, check out the rest of my Gumroad store, where almost all of my work is available for purchase individually or packaged in a bundle.

Regarding the "Archive" tier:

The archive tier gives you access to the last 6 months of work at the time of subscription.

Regarding the "VIP" tier:

The VIP tier gives you all of the benefits of the "Supporter" & "Archive" tier + ONE free commission per month.

A cheaper alternative to Ko-fi commissions with the only downside that it's limited to ONE artwork, no alternative angles are included and ONE character with a simple outfit.

The commission details are cleared at the beginning of the subscription.

The finished artwork will be delivered within that same month.

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ill. Membership

13 ratings